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MediCradle is a new type of infant incubator that has been designed to work in the challenging conditions of developing countries.

Currently, our eleventh prototype is undergoing testing and modification at F2 Labs in Maryland. Our expectation is that by early 2024, the MediCradle incubator  will be certified, meeting all IEC standards. The prototype will then undergo specific medical clinical testing to assure all necessary conditions are met at which point, we will be looking to ramp up full production. Stay tuned for details!

Incubator Options Available to Developing Countries

FACTOR New Incubator Used Incubator Wooden Incubator Kit Cardboard Incubator Kit MediCradle™
Cost Very High – up to $105K Low to Med $500-$5000 Very Low $200-$500 Very Low $75 Low $3500 est.
IEC International Certification Yes No No No Yes
Reliable Upon Delivery Yes No No
No Yes
Designed for Harsh Environments No No No No Yes
Germ Resistant Construction Yes Yes No No Yes
Easily Repairable No No No Yes Yes
Readily Available Replacement Parts No No No Yes Yes
Provides Filtered Air No No No No Yes
Efficient (to conserve power)
No No No No Yes
Automatically Adapts to Power Source Maybe Maybe No No Yes
Runs on a 12 Volt Car Battery No No No No Yes

What else is needed?


Our goal is to fundraise for the construction of these units so that developing countries do not have to pay for them. We are hoping to have MediCradle incubators available for a cost of $3,500 each – a fraction of the cost of most other new incubators. Once development costs are covered and production is underway, your contribution will help to lower the cost of each MediCradle, in order to make as many of these devices available as possible to those clinics and hospitals who so desperately need this life-saving device.

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